A special volume comprising an edited collection of selected articles around the theme of “EU Law qua Global Governance Law” has been published in the latest issue of the German Law Journal.

By Angela Moisl

The articles are the fruit of a symposium under the same title that was jointly organized by the Amsterdam Centre for European Law and Governance (ACELG) and by the Centre for European Legal Studies (CELS), VU University, and which was held at the University of Amsterdam on 2 May 2012. can be retrieved here.

The symposium papers explore the constitutional parameters of EU regulation and its external implications and reflect in part upon the implications of a seminal decision of the Court of Justice upholding the application of the EU Emissions Trading Scheme to aviation. The intersection between EU law and global law seems increasingly difficult to decipher and the papers explore the question of how contemporary EU global policy and value ambitions should be adjudicated in law?

Many members of ACELG attended and/ or participated in the May event, along with many other external attendees and participants from perspectives including political science, law and economics and international legal theory from the Netherlands and beyond. The range of disciplines and viewpoints brought a wealth of analysis to the complex question of deciphering internal and external EU action and understanding EU global ambitions, which is explored further in the symposium papers.

The published papers examine inter alia the “inside-out” dimension to EU environmental policy, the promotion of EU global values through law, EU law and customary international law and the role of the Court of Justice in adjudicating EU external action.

The symposium papers were edited by Elaine Fahey (ACELG) and Ester Herlin-Karnell (CELS-VU) and features papers from Gareth Davies (CELS-VU), Christina Eckes (ACELG), Theodore Konstadinides (University of Surrey), Elaine Fahey and Ester Herlin-Karnell.

We hope you enjoy reading them!

Angela Moisl is management assistant at the Amsterdam Centre for European Law and Governance.

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