Elaine Fahey and Marija Bartl of ACELG and ACSECL examine politico-legal aspects of the Transatlantic Trade Partnership under negotiation between the EU and US currently in an Opinion in the, on 18 March.

The Transatlantic Partnership (TP) poses fundamental politico-legal questions with potentially far reaching implications for our future. They ask what is being created, wittingly or otherwise? Who controls it? Who adjudicates its disputes? What are the democratic credentials of such an entity?

Dr. Marija Bartl and Dr. Elaine Fahey conduct their research in the framework of the “Architecture of Postnational Rule-Making”-Project, University of Amsterdam, the Netherlands.

Dr. Elaine Fahey is Postdoctoral Researcher, Amsterdam Centre for European Law and Governance. Her personal page can be accessed here.

Dr. Marija Bartl is Postdoctoral Researcher, Centre for the Study of European Contract Law. Her personal page can be accesssed here.

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